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None of the work on this blog is done for financial gain, nor shall it ever be. __underscore emerges as a project in the ashes of the mid-2000s British blogosphere, characterised at its height by the free and collective formulation, circulation and acceleration of various radical ideas between blogs such as k-punk, blissblog, and hyperstition. This free and collective nature was what gave the concepts that emerged from, or were re-animated by, this blogosphere (capitalist realism and hauntology being the two most famous) such a critical and deep purchase on the fabric of contemporary existence. As such, this free and collective approach is something I’m deeply committed to with this blog, and seek to re-animate in the present moment.

However, if you have the means to, any financial support is massively appreciated. Like all fledgling “creatives” this blog is a side-project I do alongside a poorly-paid full-time job, and the ultimate goal is to be able to spend most of my time to writing. If you’ve enjoyed any of the pieces on this blog, therefore, it would really mean a lot to me for you to donate. More donations means more time and resources for new writing and new thought!

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