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Announcement: The Recs Newsletter Is Back

As tru fans of the blog will remember, over the first two months of Covid lockdown I ran an almost-daily email newsletter called LOCKDOWNTIME, which sent out a variety of music/TV/film/book recommendations to give people some good cultural nourishment while being trapped inside their homes. The archive of these posts can be accessed here.

Unfortunately, as I returned to work and lost the free time that lockdown afforded, I was unable to keep up sending so many recs, and wanted to focus on writing more in-depth blog posts (e.g. my posts on Beckett and The Sopranos). Consequently, I quietly dropped LOCKDOWNTIME in early June, planning to return in some way at some point.

Thanks to some technical re-jigging, I can now say that: the recs newsletter is back. What I’ve done is merge the blog and the newsletter. By subscribing to the newsletter below, you not only get alerts of new blog posts, but also all the kinds of recs that I enjoyed sharing via LOCKDOWNTIME. Unlike LOCKDOWNTIME, though, these recs have no set frequency. I will send them out whenever I feel like it or come across something I really like. The vibe will generally be a lot more low-key than the blog.

You can sign up to the newsletter and see the archive here.


“You should all sign up to @jake_underscore’s daily email recs. Since signing up I’ve gone into a post-punk hole and rediscovered a bunch of bands I haven’t listened to since I was in high school. Banging.” – @MurrayShookchin

“big fan of this newsletter! really enjoying the recs” – Sean, head honcho of the late great

“Just come across your newsletter and have spent the evening blasting through the archive, just as I was getting bored of lockdown, think I’ve found enough incredible stuff to keep me going for the forseeable, so thanks so much for collating and hyping it all up!” – reader Tom

[Shared on Twitter] – Huw Lemmey

“I think it’s really good” – Nick aka. Quantized Crow

“Agreed” – another reader, probably

“unsubscribed” – two people

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